Pro-Bolt’s recently launched DualDrive™ range is now available in black providing beauty and functionality never previously seen together. Innovated in the paddocks and providing a perfect marriage of strength, elegance, form and functionality Pro-Bolt’s Titanium DualDrive™ delivers superb functionality, strength and durability.

"Combining these features with a superbly high quality mirror black finish proved to be a significant challenge," said Pro-Bolt's Technical Director, Ian Giles, he continued,

"Our demanding quality standards are well known and appreciated by our customers so after much research and testing, I'm delighted that we are able to launch DualDrive™ in black which offers not only a long lasting black finish but also supreme hardness and corrosion resistance. These properties are provided by the nanocomposite coating Tribobond™ DLC which increases component lifetime dramatically. The enhanced tribological properties of Tribobond™ coatings not only protect the components from wear but also polish and protect the counter parts during in-running. As a result, the Tribobond™ system will remain in a low friction and wear condition."

Designed to be used with either an allen key or socket wrench, whilst also being stronger than a standard socket cap bolt the Pro-Bolt DualDrive™ was launched at the Octo Silverstone GP™ and provides choice and flexibility valued by race teams worldwide.

Seeing the bolt for the first time at Silverstone, Moto3™ team Drive M7 SIC Racing Crew Chief, Gary Reynders, said, “It’s a good idea to make this kind of bolt in any size because sometimes you can’t get to the bolt, using the DualDrive™ it is fast to screw in and then you can just torque with the wrench. I think it’s a very, very clever idea.”

Pro-Bolt’s DualDrive™ Titanium bolts are available via the website in black, neutral, purple haze, blue & gold in the Race Spec range of sizes, the full product range is available at and more information is available to download HERE